Journalists and bloggers from around the world who will experience our fantastic paths, but also the untouched places and towns of central Italy, so they can become ambassadors of Italy’s new tourism product.

Guest of honour

    Ndileka Mandela

    Ndileka Mandela is the granddaughter of Nelson Mandela, founder and CEO of the Thembekile Mandela Foundation and also representative of the Mandela family and the Nelson Mandela Foundation. She’s the guest of honour of Italian Wonder Ways.



      Anita Breland, traveler and writer, ventures far and often with her husband photographer Tom Fakler and on her own.


      Traveler and photographer, started blogging with a trip diary of his year as a volunteer in Cambodia. He helped establish Anita’s Feast, and continues to write, provide technical support and images for the blog.


        Freelance journalist. blogger. yogini. vegetarian. student of life and the ukulele. identifying feature: itchy feet.


        Journalist and content manager. She loves travelling, and faraway places that are not touristy. Hers is a vision of travel outside the box.


        He has written several books devoted to hiking. He has collaborated with Guide APA, the Touring Club and Enit.

        WENTING HE

        Senior editor from CAAC inflight magazine and focus on travel watches and jewelry.


        Writing the blog is for the enjoyment of writing. Primarily it is going to be writing about something that I get great pleasure from – walking.


        Journalist, reporter and photographer.


        A freelancer, she collaborates with “Varie Toscana a Tavola” and “A Tavola con il Sorriso”.



          GEORGE TEKER

          Journalist – free lance – he represents the The Argus Editorial Group.

            GIA GARRICK

            I work for NZME, a news and media company in New Zealand. NZME owns both the New Zealand Herald, which is a top daily newspaper with major weekend titles; and Newstalk ZB, the country’s largest and most listened-to news and information radio station.


            Journalist for Passauer Neue Presse.

            JOHAN DUIJS

            Editor of De Telegraaf.

              JON HAGGINS

              He have always been interested in different cultures and traveling, especially around the world. GlobeTrotter TV makes it possible for him to share with the world.

                LAUREL VAN HORN

                Has worked with Jon Haggins Globetrotter TV as a videographer, photographer and research assistant since 2009. She is also a pioneer in accessible travel and tourism, contributing as a writer and educator since 1986. Formerly the executive director/editor for the Society for Accessible Travel & Hospitality (SATH), Laurel is currently program director/editor for Open Doors Organization (ODO), a Chicago-based non-profit, and co-director of the ODO Academy. Laurel has an MA in Economics from the New School for Social Research and resides in New York City.

                  LAURA LAZZARINO

                  Laura Lazzarino is an Argentinian travel writer and her personal travel blog has been online since 2008. Her adventures across 50 countries have inspired a new generation of independent travellers.

                  MAGDA CIACH-BAKLARZ

                  Marine biologist, manager, team leader, since 2013 blogger and travel columnist. Speaker and promoter of cooperation between bloggers. Member of the Association of Lovers of Italy “Italianissima”.

                  MICHAEL TURTLE

                  Editor, writer (everything, in fact) at travel website Time Travel Turtle

                  DYLAN LOWE

                  Publisher for The Travelling Editor.

                  PAOLO MERLINI

                  Born in 1968, he lives in San Benedetto del Tronto, but likes to think that he “lives” elsewhere.

                  TOON VERLINDEN

                  As an engineer and a journalist with an itch to travel, Toon works as a travel- and science journalist. He writes for travel magazines like Pasar and is a contributor to the Belgian science magazine EOS.

                  LAURA NOPPE

                  Laura Noppe is a freelance photographer specialized in travel, life style and food photography. Over the years she has worked for different brands and magazines.

                  BRIAN MUSALLO

                  Cycling traveler, blogger and cycling guide.

                  MAGALì PIZARRO

                  Cycling traveler, blogger and cycling guide.

                  MINGJIE WANG

                  Mingjie Wang is a China Daily journalist based in London. Wang, a Chinese national, who first came to the UK 7 years ago first for his postgraduate study at University of London, has been working in the London office for over three years, responsible for business, culture, education, tourism news.

                    RUPERT PARKER

                    I’m an Emmy nominated TV Executive/Series Producer with over 20 years experience in factual genres. I’ve worked for National Geographic, Discovery, TLC, trueTV in the US and BBC, ITV, CH4 and Five in the UK. I also Produce and Direct and am an accomplished script writer.

                    VICTOR GOMEZ

                    Professional travel photographer, I love new experiences, being in contact with nature, discovering new places and, above all, knowing our home, the world in which we live. Through I inspire and motivate people to visit new destinations and live new experiencies, both near and far from home.

                    Aldana Mariela Chiodi, Dino Feldman & Tahiel

                    Aldana Chiodi is travel journalist, travel blogger and professor of social gegraphy.

                    Dino Feldman is a systems engineer, but leaves his profession to dedicate to magic and travel.
                    Aldana and Dino traveled to 49 countries in America, Asia, Europe and Africa. They participated in TEDx talks, has a social-magic proyect and
                    wrote and self-published they first travel book called “Magia es Viajar”. Now, they travel whith Tahiel.

                    HERMAN JOZEF IGNATIUS POST

                    Journalist and writer, he worked for several Dutch newspapers and magazines, and many years for the KRO, de Dutch Roman Catholic radio and tv-company.

                      EDUARD ERNST

                      Photographer. He have worked with artdirectors for commercials, made photographs for a variety of magazines and have specialized in portraits.

                        YAMIN LEI

                        Freelance journalist – She writes for Beijing Business Today

                          KIRSTEN ALANA

                          Kirsten is a photographer and former nomad who has worked on every continent but Antarctica for brands such as Air France, Four Seasons and Travel+Leisure. With a large following on Instagram she’s most often known these days as an influencer but what makes her come most alive is when she connects directly with followers who see the world in a new way through her images and stories

                            TINA ENGLER

                            Freelance Journalist/ Travelwriter for diverse Women magazines (such as Glamour, Grazia etc.) and online -portals ( as well as one spiritual magazine (VISIONEN) and newspapers (Nürnberger Zeitung, RNZ etc.)

                              ANDREA MATTEI

                              Italian journalist. Gazzetta Gold digital edition

                              THAIS NASCIMENTO

                              Thaís is a fashion and travel writer, digital content editor and keen traveller. She has moved to London from her native Recife (Brazil) in 2012, and has been contributing with Aprendiz de Viajante since 2015

                              JAILLAN YEHIA

                              Jaillan writes and edits the travel section of the UK Magazine East Kent Lifestyle and created the Savoir There travel blog. A long-time travel industry and media professional and an ex-travel PR professionall, Jai has penned press releases as well as features and been quoted on travel in publications such as Rough Guides and La Stampa. She has also advised clients including Buckingham Palace on how best to work with travel bloggers

                              GIONATA SMERGHETTO

                              I’m Gionata, 28 years hold, I live in Jesolo, Venice. I’m Social Media freelance due to my passion for Instagram. I’m the co-Local Manager of Instagramers community in Venice.
                              I love all opportunities that allow me to know people, to keep in touch with other instagramers and to share emotions.

                              DANIELA HEINRICH

                              Dani Heinrich is the vagabonding writer and photographer behind On she shares everything from inspiring travel stories to the hard-earned information and experience to help independent travelers plan and make the most of their own authentic adventures

                              SUSANNA RIBEIRO

                              I’m a Portuguese journalist and throughout the past 18 years I’ve worked in several tourism related magazines and newspapers, radio and TV.
                              Also, I am the founder, diretor and editor of Viaje Comigo, an online magazine and national brand.
                              It has 3 years and has been awarded by BTL 2015 (Blogger Travel Awards) as the Best Travel Blog in Portugal – by public choice

                              PATRICIA SEBASTIAN

                              Trish Sebastian is the storyteller and curator of adventures and travels for the blog “Do Cartwheels with Me”. Trish seeks to stoke wanderlust and courage among travelers and adventurers, women in the workforce especially, to pursue their passions in meaningful travel and outdoor pursuits. She is also a contributing writer to the blog of Sierra Trading Post, a top American retailer of outdoor gear and equipment.

                              ELEONORA TRAMONTI

                              I am Eleonora Tramonti, the founder of Italian Storytellers.I was born in Le Marche, a quite unknown region in central Italy, but my parents come from Southern Italy. I am a consultant specialised in the tourism field, but one day I will open my incoming travel agency. In 2014 I founded Italian Storytellers to describe my country to those who are not Italian. I am a guest author of Italia para Brasileiros.

                              PATRICIA KALIL

                              I am Patricia, co- founder and co-author of Italia Para Brasileros. I was in Brazil in Salvador de Bahia but I’m living in Sicily since 2007. I’m also author of Descobrindo in Sicily, the first and unique blog in Portuguese language, dedicated to Tourism in Sicily. Italia Para Brasileiros describes many other italian regions. Italy to eat, to be loved, to travel.

                              MARTINA KOCK

                              Journalist for Rhein Zeitung

                                PAUL HENDRICKX

                                Journalist regional newspaper Gazet van Antwerpen. Working for the digital newsroom: Cooperating with newspapers Het Nieuwsblad, Het Belang van Limburg, De Standaard, all part of mediagroep Mediahuis.

                                  RACHEL RIGBY

                                  Rachel spent 12 years at international M&A information provider Mergermarket, most recently as head of special coverage. Her role included liaising with European CEOs, interviewing high-level officials. Rachel has written articles for Financial Times, Media Week, Financial News, Finbuzz and the Italian Insider, to name a few. She has also appeared a number of times on CNN and CNBC.

                                    INMA GREGORIO & JOSE MARTINEZ

                                    Inma and Jose run A World to Travel, a unique experiences around the world website that focuses on showcasing the great outdoors and special events and festival they come across in their travels via visual storytelling.

                                    Almar Fernhout

                                    My name is Almar Fernhout. I’m owner off “de betere wereld” a magazine and online platform about healthy liestyle. I have 3 daughters and love music, sports and Italian food.

                                      Agnieszka Ptaszyńska

                                      Agnieszka Ptaszyńska – travel writer, co-founder of and founder of blogtroterzy instagram account. My motto is: Travelling is not about quantity. It’s about quality.

                                      Olivia Pudysz

                                      I’m from Germany, and I’m the online editor of Urlaubsguru and Reisemagazin.

                                        Inka Gerschinski

                                        Dream Euro Trip is one of the top travel blogs focused on stylish adventures in Europe and around the world. It is read by more than half a million people and has been featured in various TV shows, magazines, newspapers and travel websites.

                                          Tobias Overkaemping

                                          Mr. Overkämping is a film scientist from Germany. He works in the Archives of the Schwules Museum* (Gay Museum), Berlin and writes for several media outlets focussing his stories on travel, media, LGBTI and veganism.

                                            Francesco Di Domenico

                                            Francesco Di Domenico, 27 years old. Since two year dedicate himself to trail running. He discovered his passion in his native land, Gargano. Thanks to his passion for fotography and the opportunity to work for the magazine Soul Running, he can dedicate himself to outdoor sports.

                                              Daniela Palumbo

                                              Journalist and author of teen books. I was born in Rome and I live in Milano. I write about books, films and investigative report for street magazine, Scarp de’ tenis, a social project by Caritas Ambrosiana. From 1998 I write books of children’s literature. The last book describe Via Francigena, the title is “A un passo dalle stelle”. The walking guys, curious and trying to find one’s self, a backpack and handy stars.

                                              MIRKO MOTTIN

                                              Journalist, graphic designer, photographer. My firts job was by the magazine La Gazzetta dello Sport, than 12 years by Focus and 2 years by the technological magazine Jack. In 2013 I arrived to Soul Running. I love sports in general and I spent many years with football, artistic gymnastics, swimming and in 2008 I followed in love with Trail Running.

                                              LAURA MASI


                                              Franca Dell’Arciprete Scotti

                                              Journalist and co-founder of GIST (Gruppo Italiano Stampa Turistica). She loves travels and is author of reportage about Italy and all world. She works for Cultural Tourism and the magazine Turismo all’aria aperta and the newspaper
                                              She won different journalist awards in Turism and Food&Beverage.

                                              ANGELO ABRAMI

                                              Angelo Abrami, loves to walk, he traveled more than 3000 kilometres. He knows the best paths in Italy and in Europe. He cooperates with FQ Magazine.

                                              NICOLETTA CURRADI

                                              Journalist since many years, she loves art, wine&food and culture. She loves travel and foreign languages. She contributes with Infirenze, Oriundi and SpazioItalia, national and international newspapers.

                                                LIBBY KEY

                                                Libby is a British journalist and travel writer, working between Los Angeles and London. She’s also a singer-songwriter and jazz singer so she’s either trying to improve her shorthand or transcribe jazz solos.

                                                  TATIANA VOLOBUEVA

                                                  Born and grow in Moscow, where she studied Design and worked as graphic designer in different advertising agency. She is studying photography in Italia from 2012 and she is working as photo reporter for Sapong TV and magazine. She living in Milan and she is traveling the world.

                                                    MARCO CARLONE

                                                    Freelance journalist, currently employed as editor for Rivista Trekking & Outdoor. In March 2015 I worked in Roma as editor for The Post Internazionale – TPI, an online newspaper. For the past 3 years I have worked as a freelance photo reporter and journalist for magazines and websites. I focused my works above all in Italy and Eastern Europe, analysing geopolitical, social and anthropological issues. I have a little blog where I publish some of my travel diaries. Passionate traveller, train enthusiast and drummer.