5 Pilgrims’ Paths for 5 Continents

5 groups of journalists from important periodicals and international tourism bloggers


5 ambassadors of excellence for each of the 5 Pilgrims’ Paths

The five groups will enjoy an experience on our Pilgrims’ Paths, and at the various legs they will meet local residents and be involved in initiatives staged in the area. At the end, the groups will converge for the last leg entering Rome.

Journalists and bloggers will travel five paths in central Italy: the Way of St Francis, Benedict’s Path, the Franciscan Path of the Marca/Via Lauretana, the Via Francigena and the Via Amerina.

From November 21th to November 24th, 2018

To live a direct experience for those who will let the world know about the Wonder Walks, the wonderful places that host them and the genuine welcome typical of these places. We present to the market a great Italian tourist product: the Cammini.





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First day

Arrival at La Verna, rite in the Stimmate Chapel
(overnight in Sansepolcro)

Second day

Portions of the Sansepolcro-Citerna route
(overnight in Pietralunga)

Third day

Portions of the route Pietralunga-Gubbio (Lunch in Gubbio)


Gubbio-San Piero in Vigneto – Meeting with Brotherhood and Snack
(overnight in Assisi).


Guide: Franco Boarelli

First Day

Arrival at Verrucchio
(overnight in Verrucchio)

Second Day

Portions of the route Verrucchio – San Leo
(overnight in San Leo)

Third Day

Portions of the route Sant’Agata-La Verna
(overnight in Assisi)


Guide: Cristina Menghini

First Day

Arrival in Greccio
Portions of the route Rieti-Greccio
(overnight in Greccio)

Second Day

Portions of the route Marmore-Arrone (Lunch)-Ferentillo
(overnight in Ferentillo)

Third Day

Portions of the route Spoleto-Trevi (Lunch)
(overnight in Assisi)


Guides: Paolo Giulietti e Chiara Serenelli

First Day

Arrival in Cortona, rite in Le Celle
(overnight in Cortona)

Second Day

Portions of the route Cortona-Isola Maggiore
(overnight in Isola Maggiore-Tuoro)

Third Day

Portions of the route Corciano-Perugia – Lunch in Perugia
(overnight in Assisi)


Guide: Giancarlo Guerrini

First Day

Arrival at Nepi
(overnight in Nepi)

Second Day

Portions of the route Orte-Amelia
(overnight in Amelia)

Third Day

Portions of the route Castel dell’Aquila-Todi (Lunch)
(overnight in Assisi)


Guide: Montemeru Association

First Day

Arrival in Norcia
(overnight in Norcia)

Second Day

Portions of the route Norcia-Cascia
(overnight in Cascia)

Third Day

Portions of the route Cascia-Monteleone
(overnight in Assisi)

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ITINERARY 1 Via Francesco North

La Verna – Citerna – Città di Castello – Pietralunga – Gubbio – San Piero in Vigneto – Assisi

ITINERARY 2 Via di Francesco in Romagna

Rimini – Villa Verrucchio – San Leo – Sant’Agata – La Verna

ITINERARY 3 Via Francesco South

Roma – San Francesco a Ripa – Rieti – Greccio – Marmore – Arrone – Ferentillo – Spoleto – Trevi – Assisi

ITINERARY 4 Via Lauretana Senese

Cortona – Celle – Cortona – Isola – Magione – Corciano – Perugia – Assisi

ITINERARY 5 Via Amerina

Roma – San Francesco a Ripa – Campagnano – Nepi – Castel Sant’Elia – Orte – Amelia – Castel dell’Aquila – Todi – Assisi

Tour Leaders

Fundamentally, whosoever sets out on a walk, does so to effect change, no matter the name by which this transformation is described by. For this reason a good guide is one that is also interested in the inner journey of the people being accompanied.
Walking you can get away, farther than you think.
Irene Maturi
The Way can be understood as a metaphor for life. Step by step everyone follows their path, alone or in company with others, on old and new roads. We recognize the signs left by others and leave new signs for others. Something pushes us to move on, to discover things and places never seen or which we have heard of and have been given directions to reach them. Bit by bit The Way we follow becomes our new dimension.
Giancarlo Guerrini
The Way is the mirror of our continuous becoming: every step reflects the beauty of our change…
Cristina Menghini
The Way forces you to be essential and leads you to the essentials.
Marco Pacelli

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